Public Service Innovation

An Explanation from Cilegon City, Indonesia


  • Mahpudin Government Science Study Program, Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa University



innovation, public service, government, Cilegon City


Public sector innovation is important to improve service quality, impacting high satisfaction and public trust in government institutions. However, the available innovations are often not always effective in bringing about better changes in governance. This article analyzes the obstacles that cause a public sector innovation to not work optimally by taking a specific case in Cilegon City, Indonesia. The qualitative-descriptive method was chosen as the research approach. Meanwhile, data were obtained through primary and secondary data. The results showed two main findings. First, public service innovation in Cilegon City needs to be well-established, so it tends to be a formality to meet the institution’s demands. Second, innovation relies more on a top-down approach without massive community involvement, so the innovations created are not based on an analysis of public needs. The obstacles found include low commitment and political will of regional leaders, unclear financial support schemes, and lack of rewards for innovators.


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