About Matra Pembaruan

Jurnal Matra Pembaruan (MP) was first published in 2017 by Research and Development Agency, Ministry of Home Affairs, Republic of Indonesia. At the beginning of the publication, in 2017 and 2018, Matra Pembaruan published three numbers on one volume, namely in March, July, and October. The number of published articles per volume is six articles.

However, in 2019, to maintain the quality of each published article, Matra Pembaruan changed the policy to publish two numbers in one volume, namely in May and November, with six articles for each number.

In the same year, based on the accreditation results of scientific journals quoted from the Decree of Director General of Strengthening Research and Development, Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education number 14/E/KTP/2019, Matra Pembaruan succeeded in getting Sinta 3 accreditation.

Of course, we continue to strive to improve the quality and service of Jurnal Matra Pembaruan.