Author Guidelines

Download the "Author Submission Template"

Writing should be submitted according to these following restrictions:

  1. The manuscript should be written in English or Indonesian and be submitted online via the journal website. The author must log in to submit.
  2. The manuscript should contain at least 38.000-40.000 characters (no space), including embedded figures and tables, without the appendix, and the file should be in Microsoft Office (.doc/.docx) or Open Office (.odt) format. The paper should be prepared in A4 paper (21cm x 29.7cm) using 2.5cm for inside and bottom margin and 2cm for the top and outside margin.
  3. The Title, Abstract, and Keywords should be written in English
    • The Title should be less than 12 words, title case, small caps, centered, bold, font type Cambria, font size 16pt, and single-spaced.
    • Abstract contains neither pictures nor tables, justified, in 9pt Cambria, single-spaced, and should not exceed 250 words.
    • Keywords contain three to five words/phrases separated with coma and should be justified, 9pt Cambria, and single-spaced.
  4. The manuscript body should be:
    • The main text of the writing should be in two columns with 1 cm column spacing, justified, 10 Cambria, first-line indent 7.5 mm, and single-spaced.
    • Consist of: Introduction, Method, Result and Discussion, and Conclusion, followed by Acknowledgment and References.
  5. Heading should be made in four levels. Level five cannot be accepted.
    • Heading 1: title case, small caps, left-aligned, bold, 14pt Cambria, single-spaced, Roman.
    • Heading 2: title case, left aligned, bold, 11pt Cambria, single-spaced, Capital numbered.
    • Heading 3: title case, left aligned, italic, 10pt Cambria, single-spaced, numbered by a number followed by the closed bracket.
    • Heading 4 is not recommended. However, it could still be accepted with the format of sentence case, left indent 7.5 mm, hanging indent 7.5 mm, italic, 10pt Cambria, single-spaced, numbered by small caps followed by the closed bracket.
    • Heading 5 cannot be accepted in the manuscript
  6. Figure and table should be readable and in a proportional measure to the overall page. A caption should be numbered, in 8pt Cambria and single-spaced. For the layout, please provide the respective captioned figure/table in with extension .tif/.jpg/.jpeg within a particular folder apart from the manuscript.
  7. The mathematical equation should be written, numbered orderly, and accompanied with any information needed. Header and footer, including page number, must not be used.
  8. Citation and Reference are written according to the APA style.
    • Citations should be ordered alphabetically.
    • Wikipedia, personal blog, or nonscientific website is not allowed to be taken into account.
    • References at least 15 scientific articles with active links.
    • References should be taken from the late five years.
    • Please ensure that the page number of each citation is included, except for references that do not have a page number.

The Board is authorized to Reject a manuscript based on peer reviewer advice and Make necessary changes or adjustment related to language properties without altering the substance. Substance editing would be consulted with the author first.