Author Guideline

Writing must be submitted in accordance with the following guidelines:

  1. Articles are written in Indonesian or English and submitted online through the journal's website. The author must be logged in the system to submit.
  2. Articles must contain at least 38,000-40,000 characters (without spaces) in 12-point double-spaced font, excluding Abstracts, Keywords, and References, and include embedded images and tables, without attachments, and the files must be in Microsoft Office format (. doc/.docx) or Open Office (.odt).
  3. The title written in Indonesian. The title should be concise and informative. Titles are often used in information retrieval systems. Avoid abbreviations and formulas whenever possible.
  4. Upload a title page with detailed author information. Make sure all authors' names are listed in the article.
  5. Abstracts and keywords are written in Indonesian and English. The abstract does not contain images or tables and must not exceed 250 words. Keywords contain three to five words/phrases. When selecting keywords, please ensure that the first three represent theory, research themes, and methods, the remaining two can expand those categories or define a data set, data source or context.
  6. The contents of the manuscript consist of: Introduction, Methods, Results and Discussion, and Conclusions, followed by Acknowledgments and References.
  7. Figures and tables must be legible and in proportion to the entire page. The title must be numbered.
  8. Mathematical equations must be written down, numbered sequentially, and accompanied by any necessary information. Headers and footers, including page numbers, may not be used.
  9. Quotation and Reference:
    • Wikipedia, personal blogs or non-scientific websites may not be used.
    • References of at least 35 scientific articles from well-known journals or publishers.
    • References must be taken from the last six years.
    • Please ensure that the page number of each citation is included, except for references that do not have page numbers.

The Editorial Board is authorized to reject manuscripts based on the advice of Peer Reviewers and to make necessary changes or adjustments related to the nature of the language without changing its substance. Substance editing will be consulted with the author in advance.